Sunday, November 1, 2015

31DC2013 Day 01: Red Mix and Match

It's day one of the 31 Day Challenge 2013, and the theme of the day is red nails! When I first started painting my nails, I wasn't really into red polish very much. It seemed too boring, too "classic" and not funky enough for my tastes. But as I experienced more and more, I found myself being drawn to a classic red nail. I guess it's just one of those things -- like how you don't like beets as a kid but they are one of your favorite foods as an adult (true story!).

For my manicure, I grabbed my favorite red. Those of you that have been reading for a while can probably say it along with me: American Apparel Downtown LA! Then, I wanted to add some colors that would complement the red without taking away from the theme. Two old standbys came to mind: OPI My Vampire is Buff and American Apparel Hassid.

I've been into mix and match manicures lately, and decided to do one with the three shades. I wanted all ten nails to be different, but still feel like they went together. I chose to go for a kind of edgily romantic vibe with hearts, polka dots, and gradient touches.

The gradient bow and XOXO nails were created by painting the silhouette on first in red. Then, I mixed varying amounts of black in with the red to create a range of shades that I could use to gradually darken the lines.

Then, I made sure to include some 3D accents and the rest is history!

It's simple, but I think the black-to-red gradient on my right hand is my favorite. I also really like the black rhinestone triangle and the heart surrounded by dots.

I'm so eager to poke around and see what the other challenge participants have come up with! Be sure to track the hashtag #31dc2013 for easy browsing.

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