Tuesday, November 10, 2015

31DC2013 Day 10: Nails Inc. Leather Gradient

Would you believe me if I told you that I'm running a touch late with today's post because I had too many gradient options to choose from? And would you continue to believe me if I told you that I rejected them all, opting to do a new manicure when I got home from work?

I'd believe me, if I were you! Gradients rock, so I prepared a multitude of manis yesterday. None of them were quite what I wanted, but I had an idea I was very excited about on the way back from work today.

I got started right away on my leather gradient!

For this look I used two Nails Inc. Leather Effect polishes. The bone colored shade is Nails Inc. Clerkenwell, while the black leather polish is Nails Inc. Noho.

These polishes are textured, but not as textured as Liquid Sand or PixieDust. It's a subtle effect that I really enjoy, & it does look pretty leathery, I've gotta say. I picked up both polishes from Sephora.

I began with a base of Clerkenwell, and then sponged both shades over the top for a blended effect. I used Liquid Palisade to protect my cuticles and make cleanup faster and easier. Overall it was a pretty simple and quick manicure with a neat final effect!

What do you think of this leathery look?

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