Tuesday, November 24, 2015

31DC2013 Day 24: Inspired by a Book (1984)

One of my favorite books is George Orwell's 1984. Since I'm sure many of you have read it, I'll try to keep my summary as brief as possible! This novel, written in 1949, is about a dystopian future where the government is everywhere and watches everything that its citizens do. One of those citizens is Winston Smith, a man who works for (but secretly hates) the government. Winston ends up falling in love with a woman and the two of them have a rebellious affair, but they have to deal with the consequences when the ever-watchful Big Brother finds out.

A huge theme in the book is the pervasiveness of government in every aspect of these peoples' lives. Big Brother, the face of the political party, is touted as "always watching," and controls what the citizens are and aren't allowed to do. My copy of this book, shown below, has a single blue eye on a white background. I decided to take that idea to the extreme.

This is the copy of the book that I own. I think I've read it at least five times. If you never had to read this in school (or for fun), I highly recommend it.

For this look I used three polishes:
Zoya Purity - White base and highlights on eyes
OPI What's With the Cattitude? - Blue of eyes
Zoya Raven - Black pupils

This manicure is actually quite similar to one of the oldest tutorials on this site, a Halloween design I did that is creatively titled "Eyeball Pattern."

For the large blue dots, I used the rhinestone picker that I used in my 31DC2013 dot manicure. Remember, you could also use a pencil eraser as a substitute!

Big Brother is watching you. Especially with this many eyeballs.

Of course, the obligatory pinnable combo image.

Have you read 1984? What did you think?

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