Monday, November 16, 2015

A Patchwork Cross Stitch Update + Sewing in Italiano

Remember my patchwork cross stitch project?

I'm using small pieces of embroidery thread left over from other projects to stitch a mini patchwork "quilt" of random, colourful blocks.

 Here's how it looks at the moment:

It's great to be able to use up these scrappy bits of thread instead of just throwing them away, and it's a lot of fun seeing this develop organically as the months go by.

In other news, I got an excellent bit of post yesterday: a copy of the Italian edition of my first book! 

I'd been meaning to get a copy of this (and the German edition of my second book, which I blogged about the other day) for a while now but only just got round to ticking "buy those books!" off my To Do list.

It's really nice having these different editions sitting on on my bookshelf (the part of my bookcase which we jokingly refer to as my "ego shelf" as it contains my press clippings / portfolio folders plus all the books I've contributed to over the years)... but it's even nicer to think of all the happy felt-y things that will be being sewn in Germany & Italy because of them :)

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