Tuesday, November 10, 2015

A Shortcut I'm Happy to Take: Water Marble Stamping

Water marbling: If you've tried it, you probably hate-love it (unless you're one of those girls with ridiculous natural marbling talent, in which case I hate-love you too). On one hand, it produces gorgeous results. Really unique, showstopping results. On the other hand, it's hard. Really hard. There are a million things that could go wrong at any step in the process. I've just never managed to do it without getting frustrated.

I was happy to take a shortcut for today's water marble effect. Enter: Vivid Lacquer's imitation water marble stamping image.

Though I've never been much of a stamper, I still found this much easier than marbling. I think it'd be gorgeous to do a rainbow gradient as the base and then stamp black "marbling" over the top.

I used:
Vivid Lacquer plate VL009
Sally Hansen Leaden Lilac
ILNP Indie Go

As always, I had no problems with the quality of the Vivid Lacquer plate. I really appreciate that the water marble image is oversized, so you can use a different area of the image for each nail. It definitely makes it look more realistic. Water marbling doesn't look 100% identical on each nail, and neither does this stamping!

Are you more of a water marbler or a stamper?

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