Wednesday, November 25, 2015

A Visit to The Cornershop

I took a trip to East London last week (as part of a Nice Day Out) to visit Lucy Sparrow's Cornershop.

This is a pop-up shop with a difference - all the products in the shop have been hand-stitched from felt!

Lucy stitched all the products herself, right down to the felt signs and felt till / cash register.

There are biscuits and beer...

... lots of felt newspapers...

... tins of sardines, baked beans, soup, custard and fruit cocktail...


...  and jars of sweets and bottles of gin.


There's a chiller cabinet with butter, cheese, milk, cans of Coke and boxed sandwiches...


... and freezers with ready meals, oven chips, plus icecreams and ice lollies.

Don't forget the Marmite and Custard Creams!

There are also felt versions of all your household essentials, like toothpaste, shampoo, washing powder and dog food.

Plus (of course) lots of schoolkid-tempting treats like sweets and crisps.


The Cornershop is open every day until the end of August. You can read more about The Cornershop and Lucy's previous felt artworks here and buy products from the shop here.

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