Sunday, November 1, 2015

Awesome Colouring Books for Grown-Ups

Last month I read an interesting article about how "anti-stress" colouring books are really popular in France... which led to a great discussion on Facebook about the joys of colouring in, and some recommendations for great colouring books (thanks to everyone who made suggestions!)

I then totally fell down a rabbit hole of searching for cool looking colouring books to add to my wish lists. Here's a selection of some of the awesome-looking colouring books I found...

(The Amazon & Book Depository links in this post are affiliate links - click on the text links to find the titles in the UK and the images to find them on Amazon USA, where available)

I was pleased to find that some of the range of French anti-stress colouring books mentioned in the article are available from Amazon in the UK, including 100 Nouveaux Coloriages Anti-Stress, Art-thérapie Psychédélique, Art-thérapie Jardins Extraordinaires and Art-thérapie Art Médiéval.,

Their range also includes "mystery" colouring books where you colour by numbers and a picture appears...,

... and a series called Coloriage XXL which aren't colouring books at all but large posters that you can hang on the wall once you've coloured them in. I especially love this Mayan design.,com/gp/product/2012386334/ref=as_li_qf_sp_asin_il_tl?ie=UTF8&camp=1789&creative=9325&creativeASIN=2012386334&linkCode=as2&tag=bugandfis-20&linkId=YWNVFTRUJKUFXZEI

Another French publisher also sells a range of colouring books with different "inspirations", like this pretty, vintage-inspired book:,

Some of the French anti-stress titles also seem to have been reprinted in English and there are a few UK titles that are specifically being sold as books to help you de-stress, like this Art Therapy Colouring Book...,

... but it seems that here in the UK we've not really caught on to the magical powers of colouring in!

However, there are some colouring books aimed at adults (this is, of course, very different to "adult" colouring books!!), like the Creative Colouring for Grown-Ups range which includes The Gorgeous Colouring Book for Grown-Ups, Beautiful Patterns and Vintage Patterns,,

Tattoos seem to be a popular colouring book theme, with The Tattoo Colouring Book, Creative Colouring for Grown-Ups: Tattoo Designs, the French Inspiration Tattoos and more to choose from.  I am way too indecisive (and cowardly!) to ever get a tattoo of my own, but colouring them in could be a lot of fun.,,

If you prefer your colouring to be on the pretty side, there's Johanna Basford's Secret Garden (this is apparently best to colour with coloured pencils as the paper is very absorbant).

When we were chatting about colouring books on Facebook, a couple of people mentioned this amazing embroidery project where a very talented lady is stitching one of the detailed floral designs from this book (wow!).

The Pattern & Design Coloring Book also looks very pretty...,

... and you can never go wrong with loveliness by Charley Harper!,,

Lots of people recommended Dover Books' range of colouring books. They have a great selection of different titles, themed around history, art, nature and design. I especially like the look of Kaleidoscopic Design and Celtic Design,

Usborne also have an educational range of colouring books, including Butterflies to Colour and Flowers to Colour. These seem to have coloured illustrations with facts about the flowers, etc, featured and then black and white images for you to colour. These are totally aimed at kids but who cares!,

I love the look of their pattern-themed books - you can colour Art Deco, Art Nouveau, Medieval, Mexican and Egyptian patterns, and more.,

For colouring books with no educational value whatsoever, just fun, there's the Colour Me Good range of pop culture inspired colouring books which cover topics like horror movies, record sleeves, the 90s and Benedict Cumberbatch.,

Team Art on Etsy also has colouring books with themes like funny ladies, hunky dudes, 90s pop divas, Game of Thrones and Parks & Rec.

There are lots of quirky colouring books and zines to be found on Etsy... some more "grown-up" than others.

I have fallen in love with this one by Cordial Kitten: Animals with Jobs - there's a giraffe sailing a boat! a cat having a nap instead of delivering the mail! and a fox selling black market bits and bobs out of his coat! Completely adorable.

Finally, I found a range of fancy-looking colouring books specifically designed for artists. Each book apparently contains 16 pages of "superior acid-free drawing paper" printed with very light lines, so you can use pencils, pastels, felt tips, water colours, etc to colour the designs and the original outlines will hardly show. These look rather beautiful, don't you think? Titles include: Art Nouveau, Arabian Patterns, 1960s, Japanese Designs and Turkish Designs.,,

I say "finally" because I've reached the end of my post, but there are waaaaaay more awesome colouring books out there. If you've got a colouring book to recommend or you've bought one of the books I've mentioned, please do leave a comment! :)

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