Friday, November 27, 2015

Baptisia and Bones

Sometimes the simple combinations are the most delightful. This manicure combines a rich, moody Cirque polish with a large, flashy nail charm from Hex Nail Jewelry.

Cirque Baptisia is a deep, rich indigo shimmer with small flashes of silver sparkle. I used two coats for the coverage shown, and the formula was smooth. In the shade, you can really see the flecks of silver, while in the sunlight the deep shimmer of the base is more prominent.

I also added a fishbones charm from Hex Nail Jewelry. Nail charms seem to be used most often in complex nail art manicures, but I also like adding one to simple manicures on as a sort of "accent nail." It's sealed in with topcoat for additional protection.

These last two photos show Baptisia in direct light -- see how the shimmer of the base is more prominent?

Have you tried nail charms yet? Do you like to wear them simply or as an addition to a nail art manicure?

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