Monday, November 16, 2015

Bare Nail Textured Chevrons with Nicole by OPI Gumdrops

Recently, I was lucky enough to spend some time with OPI's social media gal, Jaqueleen. She stopped by my house in Phoenix where we talked polish, nail art, blogs, and she got to bond with Chowder as she gave him "noodles" (that's his word for dog treats).

I knew she would be checking out what I had on my nails, so I wanted to do a simple nail art manicure that was unique and fun. I put together this little somethin' somethin' with Nicole by OPI. Read on to see how to achieve this look yourself, plus check out the video interview series that I participated in!

This manicure is beyond easy to do at home!
  1. Begin with bare nails. If you would like to apply a nail treatment or base coat, you can do so - just let it dry before moving on to step two.
  2. Cut two wide stripes of blue painters tape. Connect them together to form a chevron shape, and stick the chevron on your nail close to the cuticle. Be sure to press down on the edges of the tape to ensure a good seal.
  3. Paint two coats of Nicole by OPI A-Nise Treat on the exposed space nearest to your cuticle.
  4. Paint two coats of Nicole by OPI That's What I Mint on the rest of the nail.
  5. Remove the tape slowly and carefully. Let dry!

And for those of you who have ever wondered how awkward I am on camera, you are in luck! Here are the three videos in Nicole by OPI's "Behind the Blog" series!

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