Saturday, November 28, 2015

Chrome OS - My thoughts on the CR-48 after a month of use

So I have been using the Google Chrome OS Cr-48 for about a month now. Here are some of my thoughts:

This computer has been great as a backup computer. I have my laptop basically stationary as a desktop with a mouse and external hard drive plugged in. When I need a mobile computer, I would much rather take the CR-48. I don't even need to worry about the power cord since the battery power is so good. It is small and portable. I enjoy the keyboard and it is a fun computer to use and showoff.

That is about all the good I have to say.

Unfortunately, the CR-48 is still pretty buggy. As a concept it is decent but lacking. As a computer it is almost painful to use at times. For only running one thing (a browser) is can be slow. Video streaming is laggy (especially on Wireless connectivity is weak and unreliable.

Here is a quick pro/con list:

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