Sunday, November 15, 2015

Cirque Objet d'Art Glitter Gradients

Hey folks! Hope you're having a nice Saturday! This afternoon's post includes two glitter gradient manicures that I did using some of the polishes from the Cirque Objet d'Art Collection.

First we have a gradient from the cuticle up using Cirque Galinda on a base of Illamasqua Cameo. I am so enamored with this glitter! It's a mix of sizes of pearly white glitters and contains bit of iridescent shimmery particles as well. I see snowfall when I look at it and that makes me happy.

My second glitter gradient goes from the tip of the nail down. I began with a base of three coats of Cirque Cape Liz (also from the Objet d'Art Collection!) and then added a gradient of Cirque Hellebore. This manicure looks like a brushy watercolor painting of a field of grass and a hazy sky to me, or maybe some seaweed underwater. Either way, I was pleased to learn that these colors complemented each other well. Hellebore also has some interesting pink sparks in it that show up when the light hits it just right, but unfortunately it is hard to capture in photos!

I had no problems with formula on any of these polishes. They all applied nicely and the glitters had good density!

The Cirque Objet d'Art Collection is available for purchase now on as well as from international stockists Pshiiit Boutique and Mei Mei's Signatures. The Cirque polishes in this post retail for $13. You can also follow Cirque on Facebook for news and other updates!

Products provided for review.

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