Saturday, November 21, 2015

Citrus Water Marble - Zoya Stunning Nail Art

Zoya is really pumping out the collections lately, not that any of us are complaining! One of their latest is the Stunning Collection, which is made up of six creme finish polishes. I had them all lined up together on my table and thought they looked beautiful together, and decided to incorporate them into a water marble.

I used five of the six polishes in the collection for this look: Yana (pink-red), Thandie (orange), Darcy (yellow), Josie (green), and Rocky (blue). There is also a coral called Micky in the collection but I was worried it was too close to Yana to be distinct enough in the marble, and chose to not include it.

Chalkboard Nails: Citrus water marble

As I was marbling I realized something...although I was dropping the polishes into the water in rainbow order, some of them were blending into each other! Yana and Thandie seemed to merge together and come out orange, while Josie and Rocky just looked green next to each other.

That was fine with me though! At arms length, I was left with orange, yellow, and green. They look like citrus together, and heaven knows I love me some lemon and lime. (Oranges? Meh.)

Chalkboard Nails: Citrus water marble

This marble pattern is a new one for me! I've never tried this line-type effect and am really happy with the way it came out. Colette has a tutorial for a similar look, except I stopped before the final swirl she does through the water.

Chalkboard Nails: Citrus water marble

Water marbling is still challenging for me, but I've come a long way since the first time I tried it a year and a half ago. Just goes to show that persistence pays off!

Chalkboard Nails: Citrus water marble

So, what do you guys think? I love this look, it's summery and bright and mouth-wateringly sour.

Chalkboard Nails: Citrus water marble

The Zoya Stunning Collection is available now on Each polish retails for $8.

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