Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Different Dimension 80's Baby Collection

Today's post includes swatches of the new Different Dimension 80's Baby Collection. These polishes are really really cool, if you ask me! They are all neon polishes with a scattered holographic effect; the closest thing I can compare them to are the A England scattered holos but that's not even totally accurate. The biggest reason I love these, though, is that they are NEON scattered holos, and they have really awesome opacity. No layering over white required. Another great thing about these polishes is that the scattered holo pigment adds texture without greying out the base.

I've included two photos for each shade. The first photo is my normal lightbox lighting, while the second photo is direct lamplight (mimicking sunlight).

Ditz is a neon pink shade. This was the first one I tried and I was totally in love. This is just two coats. The formula, as with most of these, is thick but not gummy. I had no troubles with application.

Gnarly is a neon green shade that needed just two coats for opacity.

Homeboy is definitely one of my favorites in the collection. At just two coats, this blue is rich and textured, almost like super bright denim. Gorgeous.

Totally is a yellow-green shade. I actually had a bit of trouble color balancing this one -- in some lights it looks quite yellow and in others it looks more green to my eye. Totally had the trickiest formula for me, needing three coats. It was a little streaky until the third coat, when it evened out.

Tubular is a tangerine orange shade that also needed three coats.

Whatever is also a huge attention grabber. This purple shade has a visual texture similar to Homeboy and was opaque in two coats. Really stunning.

Different Dimension polishes are available on Etsy. All of these are currently in stock; individual polishes retail for $10 or you can buy the full collection for $55. You can also follow the brand on Facebook for news and updates.

Products sent for review.

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