Sunday, November 22, 2015

Does Garcinia Cambogia really work?

Recently I have been trying to lose weight. Like many people, I go through weight phases; sometimes I do pretty well and sometimes (like when I have a three month vacation) I pack on a few more pounds than I would like.

Earlier this week I received some garcinia cambogia capsules which claim to suppress appetite, inhibit fat, and improve energy. I was pretty suspicious that they would really do anything but I have had a couple instances where after taking the capsules I really did feel less hungry.

Of course, this could be mental and be acting like a placebo, but I think it really does help.

Just a couple days ago I skipped breakfast and ate a couple of these capsules before eating lunch. For lunch I had three apples. Later that day I had another banana and I was completely satisfied for the rest of the day. I tell you what; usually if that is all I have had, I would be quite hungry with only eating a handful of fruits.

Garcinia cambogia really does suppress the appetite! As for the extra energy and inhibited fat....  I can't say I have really noticed a difference. Appetite suppression is good enough for me though!

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