Friday, November 20, 2015

Don't Eat the Polish by Sonoma Nail Art and Silly Bee's Chickadees

The Don't Eat the Polish Collection is a limited edition, collaborative effort by Sonoma Nail Art and Silly Bee's Chickadees. Each brand created three of the six shades, and today I have swatches of them! I just love the labels and names of these, too funny.

First we'll begin with the three Sonoma Nail Art shades.

Sonoma Nail Art - Bag O' Glass is a glitter topper in a clear base. It is primarily white diamonds, hexes, and shreds, and it is accented by iridescent glitters that shine blue when they catch the light. I needed 2 coats for the glitter density below. Shown over American Apparel Mount Royal.

Sonoma Nail Art - Science Experiment is an oozy green jelly bubbling with all sorts of different glitters. Most notable are the circle glitters! I like this one a lot, it has a high glitter density without being overwhelming to apply. It can be worn alone at three coats…

…or layered for a completely different look. Shown over Essie Mojito Madness.

Sonoma Nail Art - Very Small Rocks is a stony grey polish with black, white, and small brown glitters. The brown glitters add a lot of interest to this polish, in my opinion. Again, you can wear it alone at three coats…

…or layer it over a grey like China Glaze Recycle.

Now let's take a look at the Silly Bee's Chickadees half of this collection!

Silly Bee's Chickadees - Miracle Gross is my favorite of the SBC trio! This brown jelly base contains black, white, and brown glitters. It is meant to be reminiscent of potting soil but I can't help but think s'mores when I look at it! I preferred wearing this one alone and needed three coats for the opacity below. You will probably need a couple layers of topcoat but look how darn cool it is!

I also tried layering it over OPI Wooden Shoe Like to Know.

Silly Bee's Chickadees - Paint Chips is a pale blue based polish with smaller silver glitters, diamonds, and shreds. I love the base color of this polish, but I did have a little bit of trouble applying this one. Perhaps because of the amount of glitter in the base? My best advice is to take your time when applying. Definitely let it dry between coats and try to apply each coat as thinly as possible. Melissa also assures me that she has thinned the formula since sending out samples, so you may have an easier time! I've shown three coats alone here…

…but some of you may prefer to layer it over a shade like Zoya Kristen.

Silly Bee's Chickadees - Soggy Sod is a bright, pea soup green polish with lots of smaller glitters, shreds, and squares. You can wear this one alone at three coats (below), but I preferred the look of it layered. My bottle was a touch thick but this is another one whose formula has since been thinned.

Here it is shown over China Glaze Budding Romance.

These were actually released a few weeks ago but they will be restocked for the final time this Friday (March 22nd). There is currently still stock in the Silly Bee's shop if you'd like to get a jump on your shopping. Please check each brand's Facebook page for restock times.

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