Sunday, November 15, 2015

Enchanted Polish Imagine Collection

Hello! Today's post is massively picture heavy. It includes swatches of the six holographic multichrome polishes in the Enchanted Polish Imagine Collection. Because these polishes are both holographic and multichromatic, I felt that they really needed multiple photos both at different angles and in different lighting.

Please hit the jump to check these beauties out (and if you use an RSS reader, I recommend viewing this post from my actual blog).

I've swatched each of these polishes as one coat over black. The first photo is sort of an "all around" representation of the polish. The three smaller photos that follow it are meant to demonstrate the multichromatic color changes, and the final photo is in direct lighting so you can see the holographic effects. The formula on all of these was the same; I had no trouble applying them, though on certain polishes I could see minimal evidence of brush strokes.

Please click the photos to enlarge.

Across the Universe begins with a deep cold blue color and transitions from purple to pink.

Hey Jude goes from a brilliant green to a cool dusty teal. This is one of my favorites from this collection. The green is such a lovely shade and is really pigmented and bright.

I Am the Walrus is also one of my top picks from this set. It goes from a lovely burgundy to a warm gold. The colors are just so rich... they are hard to resist!

Magical Mystery Tour is similar to Across the Universe. The main differences begin with the starter color -- ATU has a blue base while Magical Mystery Tour seems more teal. The color change in Magical Mystery Tour also appears to go a bit further, reaching the warm pink/gold shades a bit faster and at less of an extreme angle.

Mean Mr. Mustard changes from a warm, green-toned gold color to a dusty cool green. This is the closest one in the collection to a Chanel Peridot type shade.

Octopus's Garden shifts from purple to pink to warm rose.

Overall, what's not to love? There's something for everyone, whether you like holos or multichromes (and I feel like at least one of those will appeal to everyone!). The great thing about these polishes is that the holographic effect doesn't grey out the multichromatic base, so you don't need to be in direct sunlight to enjoy them. Which ones are your favorite?

Enchanted Polish is sold on and is stocked on Llarowe, Pshiiit Boutique, Harlow & Co, and Mei Mei's Signatures. Chelsea from Enchanted Polish expects the polishes to be fully restocked "soon" on these stockists' websites. You can also keep up with the brand on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Products provided for review.

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