Sunday, November 8, 2015

Fix the flash on the Nikon D70 DSLR

This morning I fixed my girlfriends pop-up flash on her Nikon D70 camera.  I decided to document the ordeal hopefully to help others with this problem (seems to be a poor design on Nikon's part).  First of all; shout-out to Steve and Tony for posting on how to fix this problem.  The primary reason for this blog post is to give more in-depth info on what is going on and provide an alternate solution to fix the problem.

The Problem(s):
The flash does not pop up or go off when the shutter button is pressed.

The Solution:
First, you should go to Steve's blog post to see how to take the camera apart. His post is great and very well may fix your problem.

These are made up component names...
The parts we will be looking at to fix the flash are the plastic rod, the metal hook for the contact switch and the contact switch.

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