Thursday, November 26, 2015

Forgotten Fabric: Experiments with Spoonflower

A friend recently reminded me that several years ago I got some fabric printed with Spoonflower and never did anything with it! Or even blogged about it! Oops.

Wanna see what I had printed? (Better late than never, right??)

I didn't have a particular plan in mind for these prints, I was experimenting to see how some of my clearer, brighter product photos would print out on fabric with an eye to maybe making some kits, patches or quick-to-sew ornaments / lavender sachets / etc. As you can see, I got as far as getting some swatches printed and then test-sewing some fabric birds and that was it. Tsk tsk.

I definitely need to think of something to finally use these swatches for!

Getting them out and looking at them has also made me want to try getting some other things printed, especially now Spoonflower offer custom-printing for more than just fabric. Hmm...

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