Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Functional Christmas Light Nails

You guys know me. I love glow in the dark polish. So you know I had to find a way to work it into some holiday nail art!

What better way to do it than by making actual light-up Christmas lights!?

Much like regular Christmas lights, they don't look that fancy in the light of day! But just you wait until it's night time...

I started with a base of Nfu Oh JS15, a sky blue jelly. I chose this color to help reinforce the idea that this was the "daytime mode" of this nail art.

Then, using my It's So Easy Nails Stripe Rite in Black, I added the cord and the little socket areas that the lightbulbs screw into. Using OPI Alpine Snow, I painted white lightbulb shapes. Then I went over the bulbs with my glow polishes: American Apparel Jupiter (the orange), China Glaze Ghoulish Glow, CH Nail #12 (the pink) and CH Nail #02.

Here are the pretties in the dark! These did glow different colors but for some reason the camera just made them look either green or blue... you can see on CH #12 (the pink polish) it sort of glows violet in photos but it did look more pinky-red in person!

I just love glow in the dark polishes so much. It's almost problematic.

(L-R CH Nail #02, AA Jupiter, CG Ghoulish Glow, CH Nail #12)

So, what do you think? Did I accurately represent the majesty of Christmas lights? ARE YOU FEELIN' THE HOLIDAY SPIRIT!?

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