Friday, November 27, 2015

Getting Ideas Out of My Brain and Into Felt-y Reality

I have so many projects that I've been thinking about making for aaaages. I need to stop faffing about and just make them so I can share them with you guys!! They're no use to anyone just sitting in my sketchbooks (well, I say sketchbooks but I mean "scribbled on the scrap pieces of paper I had to hand at the time I had the idea").

So, on Sunday my To Do list read, in full "MAKE ALL THE THINGS".

I made a good start! I cut out lots of felt...


... for a whole bunch of different projects.

I then took my To Do list a teeny bit literally, sketching out a quick pattern and cutting out a bunch of felt letters...

... so I could make a permanent reminder to MAKE ALL THE THINGS.

Tutorial and pattern coming as soon as I've finished stitching it :)

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