Tuesday, November 17, 2015

GlitterDaze Holiday Collection Temperature Sensitive Lacquers

Good morning folks! Today's pose was made using a unique holiday collection from GlitterDaze. The collection is made up of seven polishes that change from a pastel or even sometimes clear shade to a bright jellylike color depending on temperature.

These polishes work best on a light colored base. I chose to use a white jelly and a white creme as my bases for these manicures. The GlitterDaze polishes are most pigmented when your hands are cold, and are either clear or faintly colored when your hands are warm. They also have little darker specks in them, which I assume is due to the ingredient that makes them temperature sensitive.

This first look was done using GlitterDaze Silent Night over OPI Don't Touch My Tutu. I attempted to do a bit of a snowflake pattern! I thought this look was pretty cute but wished that I had been able to achieve a more delicate snowflake. Here they are with cold fingers:

Here is what they looked like after I ran my hands under hot water.

For my second look, I painted some holly with GlitterDaze's Under the Mistletoe (green) and Christmas Kiss (red). The opacity of these two shades over white made me think of faded Christmas wrapping paper, in a nice way! This is my favorite of the two manicures I did.

Here is what they looked like after I ran my hands under hot water. This change was pretty drastic, but rest assured your hands will almost never be as hot as mine were for this photo and will likely allow for a bit more color than this.

I think the fact that these polishes are a winter collection is quite appropriate, because I know in the winter my hands are cold more often than not! They might be less practical in the summer, because the polishes would be warm most of the time and therefore less pigmented.

Overall, I think this is an interesting idea for a collection, and I haven't seen polishes like it this season. I do think that this collection would be more wearable if it changed from one color to another, instead of from clear/pastel to pigmented, but still a novel addition to my collection and fun to impress friends with.

If you'd like to see swatches of the shades from this set that I didn't use, you can check out the album on GlitterDaze's Facebook.

Ordering for this collection is a bit different than usual! Here are the ordering instructions from GlitterDaze:

Pricing: 14 mL: $9.50 7 mL: $5.50
Purchase Info: To purchase, please send the following information to glitterdaze.np@gmail.com with subject “Holiday Polish Order.”
  1. The polishes you would like as well as the size
  2. Your PayPal email address
  3. Your shipping address
You will then be sent a PayPal invoice. Please keep in mind that it may take up to two weeks to get back to you.

You can keep up with GlitterDaze on Facebook and at the GlitterDaze shop. There was a new collection announced today, a giveaway going on, and the last day of the Christmas sale is in the shop, so don't delay!

Items sent for review.

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