Friday, November 20, 2015

Glossy Red and Satin Stripes - OPI Gwen Stefani Nail Art

I've been playing around with the OPI x Gwen Stefani collaboration collection lately, and I have to say I am really excited about it. I am particularly jazzed about Love.Angel.Music.Baby, the gold satin finish lacquer. For this nail art, I've paired the two satin finish polishes from this collection with Gwen's glossy signature red shade.

Over and Over A-Gwen is Gwen's signature red shade. This polish is only sold in a box set along with nail art elements including Swarovski black crystals and metallic studs. The cap has a shrink wrap topper with Gwen's signature printed on it (check out the bottle images). I found the formula to be really good; it covered nicely in one coat but I used two for good measure. It was smooth and painted on evenly.

Love.Angel.Music.Baby. is the polish that I am currently having a love affair with. This satin gold shade has loads of sparkle that remains present, even when the polish has dried down to its semi-matte finish. It needs two coats for coverage and dries pretty fast. I am always concerned when I use a matte because I can't rely on my precious quick-dry topcoat, but no worries were needed here! It also lasts quite some time without chipping. I wore it in a full manicure for four days before I saw any chips.

4 In the Morning is the satin black shade shown here. For me, it reads more as very dark grey than pure black. It also bears a little bit of shimmer but it is less present when the polish has dried down. I needed to go over my stripe nail art 3 times for the opacity you see here.

If I can convince you to get one of these Gwen Stefani collection nail polishes, it would absolutely be L.A.M.B. You need this polish!

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