Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Happy Christmas!

After a busy few weeks I'm really looking forward to a nice quiet Christmas. Here are a few snaps I took this week of some of the festive loveliness in London...

Prettiness at Paperchase:


Cool decorations in Carnaby Street:

Gorgeous windows at Liberty:


I got an early Christmas gift this year as I spotted copies of my first book on sale in Liberty's haberdashery department! It's always thrilling to spot my books "in the wild" but a stack of copies for sale in my favourite shop in the whole world...? SO AWESOME.

I'm taking a short break from blogging while I'm busy doing family Christmas things, but I'll be back next week. My shops are also closed for a bit and will re-open on January 5th xxx

P.S. My favourite Christmas windows this year = the ones at Harrods. The big windows are spectacular (you'll find lots of photos of these online, there are some nice ones here) but these small windows were just magical - charming little "dolls house" style sets, showing mice living it up at Christmas. So, so adorable!

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