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Happy Revolution - Project Badass Collection

Happy Revolution Project Badass via Chalkboard Nails

I'm a big supporter of indie brands using pop culture references in their collections, so when I heard that Happy Hands Nail Polish and Polish Revolution were teaming up to make an Always Sunny in Philadelphia collection, I was more than excited! As with many of the other pop culture polish collections out there, even if you don't understand the references, I'm sure you'll enjoy the lacquers. Let's take a look at the collection, called Project Badass.

Aluminum Monster is a black jelly with pretty glitters and a stunning teal microshimmer. I've shown it first with one coat over black and second with three coats alone. The formula was the tiniest bit streaky on its own, but this time I actually prefer it layered over black anyway! The shimmer is really what makes this, it illuminates the polish and gives a nebula effect.

Chalkboard Nails: Happy Revolution Aluminum Monster

Chalkboard Nails: Happy Revolution Aluminum Monster

Champion of the Sun is a soft yellow with yellow, orange, and gold glitters. I love yellow so I'm a fan of this one! Three coats.

Chalkboard Nails: Happy Revolution Champion of the Sun

Flip Flip Flipadelhpia is a bold mix of red, silver, and gray glitters in a grey base. I love the monochromatic look with a pop of color! The glitter density in this one was high and applied well. Three coats shown here.

Chalkboard Nails: Happy Revolution Flip Flip Flipadelphia

GreenMan is a chartreuse jelly with satiny glitters. I love the color of this one but did find it to be on the thicker side. The first time I swatched it, I was a little impatient and didn't let each coat set properly before applying the next. Be sure you give it a bit of extra time to dry between coats to optimize the formula. Three coats.

Chalkboard Nails: Happy Revolution GreenMan

Kitten Mittens is one of my favorites in the collection, conceptually -- I love the soft white base with pink, blue, and black glitters! I did find the formula to be a little streaky, though. Like GreenMan, you should give it some extra dry time between coats to minimize issues. Three coats.

Chalkboard Nails: Happy Revolution Kitten Mittens

Nightcrawlers is stunning and gorgeous and my favorite in the collection. This wine jelly is accented with lots of intriguing glitters, but the most intriguing is the sprinkling of fine red microglitter. See how it lights up the jelly base? It sparks! Drool drool drool. Three coats.

Chalkboard Nails: Happy Revolution Nightcrawlers

Rum Ham begins with a light pink jelly base and adds red, gold, brown, and copper glitters. The formula on this one was excellent. It's kind of an understated, natural pink but also brings that extra punch of glitter. I used three coats.

Chalkboard Nails: Happy Revolution Rum Ham

The Nightman Cometh is my second favorite in this collection, next to Nightcrawlers. This is the only clear based glitter topper in the collection; I've layered it over Sally Hansen Wet Cement. Everyone knows I have a black glitter weakness and this one has a lot of it! It's also beautifully accented by white, gold, and green holographic glitters. This is just one coat shown.

Chalkboard Nails: Happy Revolution The Nightman Cometh

My official Chalkboard Nails picks are Nightcrawlers, The Nightman Cometh, and Rum Ham. What do you think? Are you a fan of Always Sunny in Philadelphia, and if so, do you think they represented the inspiration well?

This collection is available via the Happy Hands shop and the Polish Revolution shop.
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