Tuesday, November 10, 2015

How To: Felt Snow Globe Ornament

After stitching a cross stitch snow globe I couldn't resist adapting the design to make a felt ornament! The more snow globes the merrier, right?

Warning: you may get slightly addicted to making these ornaments! Once you've cut out all the pieces they are so simple and relaxing to sew... and when you've built up the scene inside the snow globe they are - in my opinion, at least - pretty darn cute :)

To make a felt snow globe ornament, you will need...

Dark blue or black felt (for the backing) - I used a midnight blue
Light grey felt (for the snow globe shape)
Light blue felt (for the sky)
Grey felt (for the mountains)
White felt (for the snow, and the cabin window)
Small pieces of dark green felt (for the trees)
A small piece of red felt (for the cabin door)

You can use any kind of craft felt, but thinner felt (like the soft 30% wool blend I used to sell in my shops) is ideal as the ornament won't get too thick despite all the different layered pieces. Looking for felt to use for this project? Check out my list of places to buy felt in the UK.

You will also need...

Sewing thread to match all the felt colours
Black sewing thread
White seed beads
Narrow ribbon or mini ric rac
A needle, pins and sewing scissors (embroidery scissors are great for cutting out small felt shapes)
And the templates provided at the bottom of this post.


Important: unless otherwise stated, all the pieces are sewn on with whip stitch and matching sewing thread (i.e. when sewing a piece of white felt, use white thread). 

1. Use the templates provided to cut out the following pieces:  1 snow globe (light grey) 1 snow globe base (light grey), 1 sky (light blue), 1 cabin (brown), 1 door (red), 1 window (white), 2 mountains (A & B, grey) and 2 snow caps (A & B, white). The templates for the door and window are very small - you may find them easier to cut out if you stick them to the felt with a piece of clear tape. Alternatively, use the templates as a rough guide and cut the pieces freehand: a small square for the window and a small rectangle with one curved end for the door.

2. Pin the snow globe shape to a piece of dark backing felt (black or very dark blue) and sew it in place. Then remove the pin(s).


3. Line up the snow globe base piece with the snow globe shape, and pin it in place. Sew it in position, sewing along the bottom edge first. Remove the pin and continue sewing.

4. Add the sky, taking care to sew the bottom of the blue felt flush with the top of the snow globe base.

5. Sew the first mountain into position (mountain A) as pictured, so there is a very small gap to the left of the mountain. Then add the matching snow cap (snow cap A), sewing along the outside edges first to make sure the top points of both shapes line up neatly.

6. Add the second mountain (B) and snow cap (B), so they overlap the first as pictured. Again, there should be a very small gap left between the mountain and the edge of the blue felt sky. 

7. Sew the cabin in position - making sure, again, that you leave a small bit of blue sky visible to the left.

8. Add the window and door. If you wanted you could use a darker brown felt for the cabin door for more of a log cabin look, but I rather like the added bit of colour provided by the red felt.

9. Use black sewing thread to stitch a frame on the window. Use backstitch to sew along the outside edge of the window, then sew two stitches in a cross shape to divide up the panes.

10. Use the two tree templates provided to cut out a selection of green tree shapes. I used two different shades of green felt, cutting three trees from the darker shade and five from the lighter shade.

11. Sew the trees in position, overlapping them slightly to create a "forest" of little triangles. The taller trees should be at the back and the smaller in front.

Using the two shades of felt will help the individual tree shapes stand out - if you're using two shades of green felt, mix these up so you don't end up with all the dark trees next to each other. I used one shade of dark green sewing thread to sew all the trees in place.

12. Now you can add the snow! Use white sewing thread and three stitches per bead to sew on lots of seed beads - sewing each bead flat like an O.

13. Carefully cut out your snow globe shape, leaving a border of dark felt framing the design. 

14. Use the newly cut out shape as a template to cut a matching piece of dark felt - this will become the back of your ornament.

15. Cut a length of narrow ribbon or mini ric rac (approx 6 inches long) and fold it in half to form a loop. Sew the ends of the loop onto the backing felt piece (so the ends will be hidden when you place the front and back sections together in the next step). Use whip stitches and try to sew into the felt and not through it.

N.B. the mini ric rac looks very cute, but it is much thicker than ribbon and quite tricky to sew through! 

16. Place the front and back of your ornament together and sew around the edges. Use dark sewing thread (to match the backing felt) and running stitch, sewing flush around the edge of the appliqued snow globe design. Finish your stitching neatly at the back.

If you want to lightly stuff the ornament for a 3D effect, sew around the curved edge of the snowglobe then add your stuffing and sew along the bottom edge to close up the hole.

The back of your finished ornament will look something like this...

... and the front will look something like this:

Click here to view the template sheet in another window/tab, make sure you're viewing the image full size and print it at 100%.

This tutorial is for non commercial use only: you can use it to make as many felt snow globes as you want for yourself or as gifts, but please don't make any for sale. You may borrow a few photos if you want to blog about this project, but remember to credit me and link back to the original source, and do not reproduce my entire tutorial on your site. Thanks!

For more felt ornament designs, check out my archive of Christmas tutorials

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