Monday, November 16, 2015

How to fix the popup flash on your camera (Canon DSLR)

Here is the problem:

You are trying to take a photo with your Canon DSLR camera. The lighting is a bit dark, so the flash should pop up, but instead of the flash popping up, you just hear a clicking sound until your camera gives your an error (Err 05 The built-in flash could not be raised. Turn the camera off and on again).


Your flash is stuck and needs to be cleaned. Use WD-40 (Warning: don't do something stupid. This blog is not to be held accountable for other people's negligence, haste, stupidity, or lack of research).
(Note: There have been some comments about using a can of compressed air. This is a great idea and is basically the same concept of cleaning out the dust in the flash mechanisms. If you have compressed air, I would probably use that before WD-40. Both work fine though.)
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