Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Jamie Wants Big Boom: Mythbusters Nail Art

Now that I've done Adventure Time, Futurama, and Parks & Recreation manicures, I thought I'd add another one of my favorite shows into my nail art portfolio -- Mythbusters! I think Mythbusters is one of those shows that is universally well-liked. The team of people on the show is so likable, they perform awesome and informative experiments, and there are lots of explosions. If you're unfamiliar with the show, you can watch some clips and get a feel for it on the Discovery website.

Break it down!

On my thumb is a depiction of a blueprint, much like the ones that the show uses to explain their experiments.
My pointer finger is a representation of Jamie Hyneman, through his iconic mustache and beret combo.
My middle finger is Adam Savage with his thick glasses and ginger hair.
My ring finger is Buster! Buster, if you are unfamiliar, is their stunt dummy. I've shown his head in profile over an asphalt-y base.
Finally, my pinky is an explosion. Because what is Mythbusters nail art without an explosion.

There are a bunch of colors in this, and I'll type them out for you guys since I love you.

Thumb: American Apparel Mount Royal, Cult Nails Tempest
Pointer: OPI Berlin There Done That, American Apparel Hassid, China Glaze Kalahari Kiss
Middle: OPI Can't Find My Czechbook, American Apparel Hassid, OPI In My Back Pocket
Ring: Zoya Storm, Cult Nails Tempest, Sally Hansen Lightening, American Apparel Hassid
Pinky: American Apparel Hassid, Sally Hansen Rapid Red, OPI In My Back Pocket, Sally Hansen Lightening

The entire manicure was freehanded using a medium length striper brush.

I had some trouble with the host representations. I had to redo Adam at least three times before I was happy with him, and even then I took off his facial hair an additional time to try to refine that a bit more. Jamie was easier, only requiring one mustache re-do.

A spotlight on our two handsome hosts...

I think my favorite nail out of all of these would be the Buster on my ring finger. I am really pleased with the way all of these came out, though, and hope Mythbusters fans think I did the show justice!

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