Saturday, November 21, 2015

Lazy Maze and a Summer Gradient with Floss Gloss

Continuing my "black pattern over a neon gradient" obsession is today's manicure, featuring Floss Gloss polishes! I was stuck on a name for this post until Leslie from Work/Play/Polish suggested "lazy maze." I loved that name because it references the similarly patterned maze manicures that I've done before, and also describes what my lines look like: the easiest mazes ever.

I began with a white base to help the colors pop, and then used a triangle makeup wedge to sponge a gradient of Floss Gloss Con Limon and Floss Gloss Wet. Con Limon is really extraordinarily gorgeous. Super neon, perfect lime green.

The black lines are painted freehand with Floss Gloss Black Holy. I did each of the line patterns in pairs of two, which created an interesting "channel" effect down the nail. They feel tribal-inspired but I think they still stand on their own as something different.

This is my first experience with Floss Gloss and I was happy with it! The polishes are on the pricier side ($8 for what is essentially a mini), but the bottles are gorgeously antique-chic and the formula is nice. They would be really beautiful displayed on a vanity. Note to self: build a vanity just to display these polishes.

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