Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Melted Rainbow Nail Art with the Seche Perfectly Poised Collection

I am always secretly delighted when a new nail polish collection comes out and contains (loosely) every color of the rainbow. I get choosing palettes to match a mood, theme, or season, but the little girl inside me just loves seeing something in rainbow order. This tie dye nail art was created using four of the shades from the Seche Perfectly Poised collection, and you can bet your booty I arranged them into glorious ROY G. BIV goodness!

I first used this nail art style in last year's violet hippie mix nail art, though I did approach it a tiny bit differently this time.

Though every color of the rainbow is represented here, I only used four polishes.
Seche Keep It You (rose)
Seche Perfectly Poised (yellow)
Seche Conquer the World (teal)
Seche Buttoned Up (lavender)

I used a nail art brush to paint each color on my nail in rough lines. Then, where each color intersected another, I created custom mixes of colors to make a smoother transition. It really helped reinforce the "melting" look.

For example: see the green color between the yellow line and the teal line? That shade was created by mixing one part yellow with one part teal, and then painting it between the two colors on my nail.

I continue to be impressed by Seche polishes. I shouldn't be surprised, as I swear by Seche Vite, but these polishes really are nice. Good formula, nice colors, usually very opaque, and great for nail art, particularly. They are sold at Ulta; check your local store for availability.

What do you think? Do you, like me, enjoy putting things in rainbow order?

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