Wednesday, November 18, 2015

OPI Nordic Collection Leopard Print Nail Art

I was recently reading a post on Work/Play/Polish where Leslie talked about how she overdid leopard print nail art at the beginning of her blogging career, and hasn't done it very much recently because of that. I have to agree with her sentiments. It's definitely one of the nail art styles that I've done most over the years, and I tend to shy away from it these days. Of course, there are exceptions, like today's post!

My last leopard print used a nail art brush to paint tiny leopard markings, but for this look I went back to the classic dotting tool technique.

I used:
OPI Going My Way or Norway?
OPI My Dogsled is a Hybrid
OPI Skating On Thin Ice-land

I really liked using Skating On Thin Ice-land for the darkest shade in this nail art. At times, it would catch the light and the burgundy tone would totally shine. It was purty.

Is there a nail art style that you've burned out on in the past?

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