Friday, November 20, 2015

Patchwork in Progress

Remember the patchwork quilt I started way back when I was student, abandoned and then re-discovered a couple of years ago? It currently looks like this:

... and, well, it's looked like that since December 2012 actually as that's the last time I worked on it!

It was in the same "WIPs of shame" box as the stripey fabric panels I'm turning into bunting and when I saw it this week I thought "ooh, that would be another nice simple project to be working on in the evenings!" So as well as blanket stitching bunting triangles I'm also spending my evenings slowly stitching fabric squares together. They are the perfect simple projects for my sleepy brain. 

I've got some long strips of squares to join together - once they've been ironed


- which will be added to the top of the quilt. Then I need to sew some more squares together to fill in that missing space in the bottom corner where I removed some squares that really didn't match the overall scheme.

I still think this quilt is a bit ugly (teenage me's fabric choices = not really my taste any more) but I'm enjoying the relaxing, repetetive process of all the hand stitching, and really looking forward to getting it finished. I will get it finished. I will! Maybe :)

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