Thursday, November 26, 2015

Peachy Textured Gradient - Nicole by OPI Roughles Nail Art

Nicole by OPI Roughles Textured Nail Art

Nicole by OPI recently released a line of four speckled & textured lacquers called "Roughles" (pronounced "ruffles"), and I have to say, I am a big fan! The four lacquers come in pastel hues with matte flecks of color, and of course dry down to the rough, textured finish that I am obsessed with.

In this look, I created a textured gradient look by sponging two Roughles lacquers together. The sponging technique did alter the look of the polishes; if you were to paint one of them directly on to the nail it wouldn't look quite the same. Read on for details.

Nicole by OPI Roughles Textured Nail Art

First things first. The two Roughles shades I used in this manicure are:
Nicole by OPI Rock the Look (pink)
Nicole by OPI Sand In My Shoe (yellow)

You can create the gradient by painting a stripe of each color on to a triangle makeup wedge, and then tapping it over your nail. I did two rounds of tapping for the look shown here.

TIP: This technique can be messy! Make cleanup easier by painting Elmer's glue onto the skin around your nail. Wait for it to dry and then do your gradient. Afterwards, gently scrape off the glue to reveal clean fingers! 

Nicole by OPI Roughles Textured Nail Art

Nicole by OPI Roughles Textured Nail Art

Because the sponge can't absorb the texture (but it does absorb the polish base), this method compounds the textured particles. The result is an extra textured manicure that, unfortunately, doesn't last as long. The texture has less to hold on to and can start to crumble after a few days. Still though, I got about two good days of wear out of this, and I like the super textured, almost fuzzy appearance!

Nicole by OPI Roughles nail polishes are available now in drugstores and other retailers for $7.99 a piece. Will you be picking any up? These are some of my favorite textures in a while!

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