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For the past ten years, I have been running software from something other than the computer's hard drive. It all started when I was a Freshman in college and I came to two sad conclusions:

  1. Internet explorer was a horrible browser.
  2. Internet explorer was the only browser available on school computers.
  3. OK... so there were three sad conclusions. The final one being that school computers did not allow you to install software on them.
So I began trying to install programs on different medium. Oddly (sadly) enough, the first thing I tried using was 75mb Zip disks. Yeah! I installed Firefox (at the time I think it was called Mozilla Firebird) onto my Zip disk and I was able to run it! I must have been the coolest freshman BYU ever saw!

Well... Running applications on a USB drive has come a long way since then, so I want to try to lay aside any biases I might have and do some (somewhat) scientific tests to determine which I like more. LiberKey or PortableApps.

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