Sunday, November 22, 2015

Punk Vectors - Texture and Glitter Combo

You probably know of my deep-rooted and unending love for texture polishes, but one area of the trend that I haven't really dove into yet is creme textures. These polishes are a single flat color with no sparkle, glitter, or shimmer, but with the same texture effect that you know and love. Opinions seem to be pretty mixed on these; many people just don't like the finished effect. I thought I'd give them a fair shot and incorporate one into an edgy, punky manicure to see if I could make it work.

The yellow-green texture polish I've used here is Deborah Lippmann I Wanna Be Sedated (Amazon, Deborah Lippmann). I gotta give props to Deb for taking a risk, not only in making a creme texture but for also making it in such an weird color. I keep going back and forth between loving how interesting this shade is and being unsure about how it actually looks on me. As far as application, it went on easily, needing just two coats.

On the two outside nails I've used three coats of Dandy Nails Bound to Fall as the base. This polish is a beautiful medium-dark grey with a flecked appearance. As far as grey polishes go, this one is a winner! Then I added one coat of Cirque Vectors over the top. Vectors has different shapes and sizes of black matte glitter plus just a touch of sparkle. It's really great and the glitter is plentiful.

I finished the look with two coats of American Apparel Hassid to my thumb to create the grounding black accent.

I love when a manicure makes me think twice. This ugly-pretty texture might be a bit too much on its own, but I do like the way it works in with the other elements of this manicure.

What do you think: too weird for you or just edgy enough?

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