Monday, November 16, 2015

Reverse, Reverse! ft. Pretty and Polished

One of Pretty and Polished's new releases is a blue and black glitter topper called Boy Bleu. It is a brother to their older polish, Punk'd Up Betty, which consists of pink and black glitters! As soon as I got my hot little hands on Boy Bleu, I knew I had to do something that utilized both of them.

Enter the reverse mani! It's a simple concept, really...just take the main color of one glitter and use it as the base for the other. You may recall that I did something similar with Windestine polishes in my TV Static manicure. I just love the way these look!

Pretty and Polished Punk'd Up Betty, the pink glitter, is shown over a base of China Glaze Hanging in the Balance, while Pretty and Polished Boy Bleu, the blue glitter, is shown over a base of OPI If You Moust, You Moust. I've only applied one coat of both glitters. Aren't they awesomely dense?

You can purchase Pretty and Polished products on their website or on Etsy. You can also follow them on Facebook for news and other exciting updates.

Products sent for review.

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