Monday, November 2, 2015

Sally Hansen Spring Color Block Tape Manicure (+ Tutorial)

Today on Chalkboard Nails, I'm pleased to share another Sally Hansen I Heart Nail Art tutorial with you! I hope my look inspires to you to enter one of your manicures into the competition. This month's theme is "Color Blocking" and it is inspired by color and contrast. I was feeling particularly springy when I was gearing up to do this tape manicure, so I reached for three Insta-Dri shades in bright colors.

I knew that I just had to include Sally Hansen Lightening in the mix -- I love yellow polish so much and I think it is quintessentially springy. Then, I paired Sally Hansen Blue-Away and Sally Hansen Fuchsia Flare with it, as well.

If you're going to be recreating this manicure, you will also need a quick dry topcoat (Sally Hansen Clearly Quick) and some clear tape.

Grab your popcorn, cause I've got a video tutorial for this look!

Springtime Color Block Tutorial:
  1. Start by painting your nails with Blue-Away and let it dry completely. If you'd like, apply a coat of Clearly Quick to speed up the wait time. Once the polish is 100% dry, grab a piece of tape and place it vertically on your nail, dividing it in half. 
  2. Paint over the exposed half of the nail with Lightening, being sure you overlap the tape line just a touch.
  3. Slowly peel off the tape, leaving a crisp line of polish down the middle of your nail. Before moving on to the next step, let the polish dry completely (again). Like in step one, if you want to speed up the waiting time, apply a coat of Clearly Quick.
  4. Place a new piece of tape on your nail, this time dividing it horizontally. (Optional: Place another piece of tape vertically to form the other side of your final square.)
  5. Paint half of your nail with Fuchsia Flare. If you did not add the optional piece of tape from step four, paint as carefully as you can to maintain the line dividing your nail in half vertically.
  6. Slowly peel off the tape. Let the polish set, then finish with topcoat.
TIP: Feel free to change up the colors nail-by-nail! I rotated the three colors in my finished look and I think it really adds a lot to the manicure.

Stop by the Sally Hansen I Heart Nail Art campaign page & enter your color block look for your chance to win! I'll be watching the entries... I better see your submissions in there!

Sally Hansen products can be found at chain drug stores, food stores and mass retailers nationally. Visit their FacebookTwitter, and Instagram for more information.

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