Friday, November 20, 2015

Serum No. 5 Glow In the Dark Cremes

If you've been reading Chalkboard Nails for a while, I'm sure you've seen me showcase a Serum No. 5 polish or two. The brand is known for its luminous glow in the dark shades, and has recently started releasing a large line of glowing cremes, neons, and glitters.

Today I'm sharing swatches of some of the newer glow cremes, and I've got some glitters and neons waiting in the wings as well!

Atomic Peach is a peachy nude shade with a warm green glow. Three coats. The glow on this one is very strong.

Awesome Blossom is a pastel pink shade that glows a violet-blue. Three coats. Due to the glow in the dark pigments, some of these polishes dry down with a more textured finish than others. This is one of the bumpier ones. I used two coats of topcoat on my swatch and you can still see a bit of texture. Having said that, it's not necessarily a bad thing. These polishes (without topcoat) remind me of the Nails Inc. leather textures, which I do like.

Blue Blazes is a pastel blue shade that glows a bright blue. Three coats shown.

Glowin' of Eden is a pastel green shade that glows bright teal. Three coats. I love this shade of green... Definitely my jam.

Laven-daringly Bright is a pastel purple that glows blue. Three coats. Like Awesome Blossom, this one was a bit grittier than the others, so if you want a smooth look, try an extra coat of topcoat. The color of this glow also made it difficult for me to see.

Lights Out is a black creme that glows blue. This one needed just two coats for opacity, but the glow was not very strong due to the dark base color.

Pure Glow Getter is a white that glows white in the dark. I found the glow on this one to be really strong due to the white base color. Three coats.

Silver Lining is a gray creme that glows teal. It needed only two coats for complete coverage, but the glow was not as strong as some of the others. I love gray polishes and I really enjoy the slightly flecky nature of this one!

My top picks from this bunch are Pure Glow Getter (white), Glowin of Eden (green), and Blue Blazes (blue). I am happy to see Serum embracing what the brand is known for: wonderful glow in the dark polishes! Some of them work better as glows than others, but I appreciate the variation in both base colors and glow colors.

Serum No. 5 shades are available via Some of these shades are currently out of stock/low stock, but Serum is doing a full restock on Friday at 12pm PDT! You can also catch the brand on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter.

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