Sunday, November 1, 2015

Skill Development: Adventures in Embroidery

As someone who sews stuff for a living (as well as for fun, of course!) one of the things I've been thinking about is "professional development", aka "wouldn't it be great if I learnt how to sew more and different kinds of things!"

There are lots of areas where I'd like to broaden my skills, but the one I'm starting with is embroidery. This is something I really enjoy and I'd love to design more embroidery patterns, but at the moment my skills are pretty basic and I stitch almost everything in backstitch. You can sew some pretty nice things just with backstitch, but I'd love to have a lot more stitches in my repertoire.

So, I'll be working my way through some stitch guides...

... trying out lots of fancy and new-to-me stitches, and maybe stitching up some samplers in the process? We shall see :)

I'm also planning on starting an assortment of embroidery projects from some of the crafty books in my collection (and hopefully finishing them, too, instead of just adding to my large collection of WIPs!). It'll be nice to try out some patterns from some of the books I've reviewed over the years and great to get some practice using different stitches etc.

Love embroidery and have a book, blog or other resource to recommend? Please do let me know in the comments xxx

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