Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Sonnetarium Fresh Collection for Spring 2013

The Sonnetarium Fresh Collection for spring 2013 is a tasty trip through your grumbling stomach's most heavenly dream. Warning: don't wear these on an empty stomach!

Cucumber Salad is a cool mint green with white and dark green glitters. Cucumbers are delicious and so is this polish! There is a faint subtle shimmer to this one, too, though it is hard to see unless you are looking for it. This is three coats.

Strawberry Smoothie is a light pink polish with pink, white, and red glitters. The glitter in this almost makes the polish look like girly granite. Adorable at three coats!

Blueberry Yogurt is the winner in this collection for me. This purple base is studded with blue glitters and violet shimmer, giving it an almost grainy appearance (in a fun, interesting way). It basically looks exactly like blueberry yogurt. Isn't it funny how blueberries turn things purple? Again, three coats.

Banana Pudding is a pale yellow base with yellow glitters. I had the most difficulty applying this one, needing four coats to even it out. I expect I would have had a much easier time if I had started with a white base, though. I love the addition of yellow in this collection, it really rounds it out.

Raspberry Sorbet was a surprise runner-up favorite of mine. This brick-raspberry base has copper and gold flecks that catch the light and shine beautifully. Again, I used three coats.

So, what are you craving today?

The Fresh Collection is available for purchase now on 9mL polishes retail for $6.00 while 15mL retail for $8.50. You can also keep up with the brand on Facebook, where there is currently a giveaway running!

Products sent for review.

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