Sunday, November 22, 2015

Stud Armor Accent Nail

The manicure in today's post happened mostly on a whim! I was having trouble deciding which polish I wanted to wear, so I chose three and then took them to Instagram for help deciding. The polish they ended up picking was Contrary Polish Desert Fruit, but then I wanted to embellish it a bit!

Well, "a bit" turned into "a lot"...

I used 1.5mm round golden studs from BornPrettyStore for the accent nail. They are a very cool-toned gold shade and almost look silvery in certain lightings.

When I'm using studs, I work column-by-column. I begin by applying a thin strip of topcoat where I want to apply the studs so they will stick to the nail. Then I use a dotting tool to pick up the studs -- it will pick them up well if it is wet (I've dipped it in water or licked it in the past). You will have to continually wet it as you work. Then, once you're done, you can finish the nail with topcoat to seal the studs in.

I really wanted the nail to be completely covered, so I tried cutting studs in half for the empty spaces that were at the end of my nail. Surprisingly, they cut easily with safety scissors. I think they are mostly made of plastic and then topped with thin bits of metal? Anyway, they cut well and I was able to finish off the edge of the nail evenly.

The base color, Contrary Polish Desert Fruit, was rather difficult to photograph. It came out of my camera looking pure brown, which is strange as it is a reddish purple and my camera is not usually THAT inaccurate. I spent some time working with the color in Photoshop and was able to get it much closer to what this shade looks like in person.

Here is the polish in direct light -- the shimmer in it is much more visible in these conditions.

Isn't it funny how the stud nail looks so much shorter and fatter than the others?

I really enjoyed wearing this look, and even a few of the men at my work were interested in the stud accent. Most people wanted to touch it, and I can't say I blame them -- it felt very cool and I couldn't resist feeling it the whole day I wore it.

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