Sunday, November 8, 2015

Subtle Spring Fishtail - Zoya Lovely Nail Art

It's been a while since I've done any fishtail/chevron nail art, so I decided to take the cremes from the new Zoya Lovely Collection and combine them into a finished look. Since they are all very light pastel shades, there wasn't a lot of contrast between them, but I kind of liked that! It was a refreshing change from the fishtails I've done in the past.

The three shades used are Zoya Jacqueline, Zoya Neely, and Zoya Blu. Application of these shades gave me no trouble -- which for pastels is a big win!

Jacqueline, the cream colored shade, is my absolute favorite out of this entire collection. It's a lovely and delicate color, very ladylike. It makes me want to have a tea party in a fancy, well kept garden! I used three coats for opacity but it didn't feel thick on the nail.

Neely, the pastel green, is a welcome addition to my collection. I don't think I have any green shades as light as this, so I'm certain it will be used a lot. I went over the fishtail layer twice for opacity in this nail art.

Blu, the baby blue polish, is also quite nice. I was worried it would be chalky on my skintone but it really surprised me. Like Neely,  I went over the fishtail layer twice for opacity.

If you would like to try out the fishtail manicure, I've done a video tutorial which may be helpful!

The Zoya Lovely Collection is available for purchase now on Each polish retails for $8. Stay tuned for another post featuring the three other shimmers in this collection soon!

Products provided for review.

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