Monday, November 2, 2015

Sweet As Candy - China Glaze Avant Garden Nail Art

Ask anyone I know and they will tell you I have a problem with sweets. But not just sweets... I specifically have a candy addiction! I just can't get enough of it. Unfortunately it's problematic for my waistline. So while I will still splurge on candy every once in a while, these little candies on my nails will have to help tide me over.

If you've been reading for a very long time, or have perhaps made it to the dusty corners of my blog archive, you may remember that I did these same nails (in different colors) during my first attempt of the 31 Day Challenge. They were a recreation of Rebecca's Inspired by a Color nails, which I found so adorable.

For this version, I used colors from the new China Glaze Avant Garden Collection.
  • Dandy Lyin' Around - This is the shimmery white base of the manicure. I needed three coats for opacity and it went on a little thick, but I have to say I was surprised by how much I liked this on my nails. I was expecting it to look dated and frosty but really it's delicate and sugary. 
  • Tart-y For the Party - Tart-y is the lavender shade. Lavender is my problem color. I will own one million versions of lavender polish before I think, "Hm, maybe I should pare down a bit."
  • Sunday Funday - This is the bright blue creme. It has really nice pigmentation and opacity -- I found I didn't need to go over my shapes twice when I was painting with this color.
  • Mimosas Before Manis - Mimosas is a shimmery peach shade. I love peach colors, and if you do too, this is a nice one. The shimmer adds just a hint of "glow," though unfortunately you can't quite see it in this particular manicure.
  • Passion For Petals - It's described as a bright salmon pink, and I think that's pretty accurate, though maybe PFP leans just a bit more red.
  • Life Is Rosy - This final shade is a slightly muted pink creme. I like this shade a lot and wish I had a lipcolor to match! 

The China Glaze Avant Garden Collection is available now from salons and beauty retailers nationwide. Individual shades retail for $7; 6-piece collections retail for $42.

Products sent for review.

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