Thursday, November 26, 2015

Sweet Spring Mix Over Nude

There's just something about spring that makes me want to "go nude"... on my NAILS that is! But going without polish just isn't in my programming, so instead I chose to include partially nakey nails in today's nail art design.

I know that I used Nicole by OPI - Hit the Lights for the yellow here, and Essie - Bikini So Teeny for the blue. But shame on me, I just can't remember what I used for the pink. Oops! I should have posted these faster instead of sitting on the post for a while!

The design on my pointer was created by placing a piece of tape over the lower half of my nail and then freehanding stripes in the remaining space. The rest of the designs were also freehanded! My thumb was done using a more relaxed version of the abstract brushstroke technique. It basically involves just swiping some random bits of color on the nail with the polish brush.

Before doing this design, I did buff a few of my nails to remove my staining. I wouldn't recommend this, as my nails have felt weakened and thin for a few weeks now (and they are normally pretty strong). It did make for a nice canvas, though!

Which design is your favorite? I think I am liking the falling flowers and the geometric triangles.

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