Sunday, November 8, 2015

The Gathering of the Unicorns, or Holographic Layering

It's Throwback...Tuesday (sure, that's a thing), and I've done some more draft digging to bring you this beautiful combo that I call "The Gathering of the Unicorns." It combines Different Dimension's Dueling Unicorns with Clarins 230, which is often affectionately referred to as "Unicorn Pee" because of its rarity.

Dueling Unicorns is already a stunning holographic shade on it's own. Adding Clarins 230 gave it an added dimension: fiery red shimmer that glimmers in the sun.

Clarins 230's red shimmer also shifts to green when angled, which I tried to capture in the photo below.

Dueling Unicorns is still available for purchase from Clarins 230 is extremely hard to find (especially at a reasonable price) but there are a number of dupes out there that could be used in its place.

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