Saturday, November 28, 2015

The Lacquer Legion Lucky: Maneki-Neko (Lucky Cat) Nail Art

March's theme for The Lacquer Legion is "lucky," and while I am definitely fortunate in many areas of my life, I decided to take this month's prompt in a more tangible and less abstract direction. My nail art depicts a maneki-neko; you may be more familiar with it as a "lucky cat." These Japanese figurines are often found in restaurants and shops, and are believed to bring good luck to the owner. Their paws are depicted in an upright, beckoning gesture.

The maneki-neko is painted freehand with a small nail art brush, and I added some black, white, and gold sakura around it on the other nails.

I took the stylized kanji on my thumb from this lucky cat illustration by Emma Barratt - I believe it is "fuku" which means blessing, fortune, and luck (maybe someone can confirm for me). Hopefully I didn't butcher the symbol too badly!

Shades used in this nail art include:
Seche Scorchin' Hot
Essie Good As Gold
Cult Nails Tempest
American Apparel Hassid

Have you seen one of these little guys before? I think they are just so cute and friendly!

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