Friday, November 27, 2015

The LadyBug Nail Polish Holder

Good morning! I have a neat little product to share with you guys today: The LadyBug Nail Polish Holder. You put your polish in this plastic holder, and it keeps you from being able to knock the bottle over.

The holder is a half sphere. This means that it will rock back and forth if knocked or disturbed, but it won't flip over or fall down. It's kind of like Weebles… do you know that toy? The catchphrase used to be "Weebles wobble but they don't fall down." The bottom of the LadyBug has three black circles on it. The middle circle is rounded and rubbery, which adds a bit of grip to the rocking base.

The two other circles on the base are flat, and they give the LadyBug its second purpose -- as a bottle tipper! When the level in your polish bottle gets low, you can set it up in the LadyBug and it will tip it for you. This makes it easier to access the polish at the bottom of the bottle.

I tested a number of bottle shapes in the foam center of the LadyBug and was happy to say that almost every one I tried fit nicely. Some notable weird shaped bottles that fit were CND, Nicole by OPI, Lime Crime, and Nfu Oh. The only one that I couldn't get in there was MAC Hyper, which has a block shape like the Urban Outfitters bottles. But those ones are so square anyway that they are already very stable.

While I can't say that I use this product every time I do a manicure, I have been using it more than I expected! Are you familiar with the shape of American Apparel polish bottles? They are tall, skinny rectangles. They have almost no heft to them and every time I use them I am afraid I will knock them over (and I'm not even very clumsy). Now, every time I want to use an American Apparel polish, I reach for the LadyBug. I can also see myself using it if I were polishing on the floor or some space other than my manicure table, and of course, the bottle tipping feature is great and practical.

I also made you guys a video demo of this product, cheesy voice over included!

The LadyBug Nail Polish Holder can be purchased on Taylor Gifts for $12.98. You can also follow the brand on Facebook and Twitter.

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