Tuesday, November 10, 2015

The View From My Desk

The view from my desk is a tall bookcase which used to be full of colourful felt but has been mostly empty since I quit selling supplies last year.

I've started using the shelves to tidy away "in progress" projects (piles of sketches, trays and upturned box-lids covered in half-sewn things) to stop them spreading over the coffee table and the floor and my desk like they used to. Very useful, but still a little dull to look at!

So, I'm brightening up the bookcase by gradually covering it in postcards collected on my Nice Days Out....

All the postcards are stuck up with washi tape. I've got so many of them I've had to remove a couple of the shelves to make some more space! :)

It's great to have a bit of colour back in this corner of my studio, and it's lovely to be able to glance up and see reminders of these nice days when I'm sitting working.

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