Sunday, November 22, 2015

Touched by an Angle - LCN Shades of Desert Nail Art

LCN is bringing the heat for summer with the Shades of Desert Collection. While the four piece collection boasts a bold red and a sexy magenta, the two less feminine shades in the collection jumped out at me immediately: a spicy burnt orange and a cool, dusty turquoise.

For this look, I began with a base of two coats of LCN Fiery Cumin. The formula on this yummy toffee shade was wonderful and buttery, just like I've come to expect from LCN polishes.

Then, I grabbed my small nail art brush and LCN Blue Oasis. I painted on lines and right angles for a sort of random-yet-rigid effect. I really like the way that the pattern turned out and I know I will be doing more of these looks going forward! Like Fiery Cumin, the formula on Blue Oasis was without fault.

What do you think of this look? Are these two colors that you would wear together on your own nails?

The LCN Shades of Desert Collection is available now via the LCN Boutique. They are available as a box set of all 4 polishes for $24.90 or individually for $7.50 each.

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