Thursday, November 26, 2015

Velvet Floral Stamping

The other day I was desperately in need of a mani change, but I was a little short on time. What to do? Grab a matte, of course! Mattes are great because they usually require very few coats and dry quickly. Plus, they look awesome, but that one is kind of a given.

I wore Zoya Posh for the evening, and then later decided to embellish it a little bit. I did something unexpected... I STAMPED! Can you believe it? I think I only have seven stamping posts since I started this blog.

I used an image from the Nailz Craze plate NC03. It was a gift from my dearest Michelle from Sonoma Nail Art, how sweet is she? There are some adorable designs on this plate; I definitely want to try out the matryoshka (nesting doll) image. I stamped the image using Sally Hansen Night Flight. Here is the entire look with the original matte finish.

Then, of course, I had to see what it looked like topcoated!

As much as I want to prefer the matte look, I think I like this best with topcoat. The shimmer in Zoya Posh becomes glowier, and the stamping becomes clearer and darker. Plus who can resist the high-gloss shine of Seche Vite? No one I say!!

Which way do you prefer this manicure? Matte or glossy?

Zoya Posh is an older shade that is unfortunately not on the Zoya website anymore. You may have some luck finding someone to swap for it or picking it up from a blog sale. Alternatively, you could get a pretty red and add a matte topcoat (like Essie - Matte About You).

Nailz Craze plates are sold in the Nailz Craze Etsy shop. You can also find the brand on Facebook.

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