Friday, November 20, 2015

Vintage Flowers... In Progress!

Remember that set of vintage embroidery transfers I started stitching earlier this month? Well, they're coming along nicely!

I started with the rose, stitching the main outline of the flower in a dark pink and the shading lines in pale pink...

... then sewing the leaves in a dark green. This isn't the best photo in the world but I'm very pleased with the finished stitchy result!

At the moment I'm sewing the waterlily...

I stitched most of this during a recent trip to Birmingham, where I attended Blognix 2014 (I'll be blogging about the trip sometime soon!) I stitched on the train, which proved surprisingly difficult as just the slightest motion makes it tricky to accurately place your stitches, and in my hotel room in the evenings.

It was the perfect relaxing project for a couple of days break, without the internet to distract me from my sewing! (It is amaaaazing how much sewing you can get done when you can't check your email or Twitter).

By the end of my trip the waterlily looked like this:

I've stitched the outline in the same pale pink I used for the shading on the rose, and have chosen a bright-but-not-too-dark pink for the shading. The lily pad is being stitched in a bright green - I started this before finishing the pink simply because I ran out of pink while I was away!

Here's the waterlily and rose together so you can see how the colours compare:


Once I've finished the waterlily there's just one more pattern to stitch - which I have only just realised is actually a group of pansies! I have no idea why I didn't realise this sooner. 

I'm really looking forward to choosing the colours for the final design and getting stuck into stitching it... and to finishing the waterlily, of course! The process of stitching these is great fun and super relaxing but nothing quite beats that "woohoo! I finished it!" feeling.

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